Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Do you run an educational Institute – School, Engineering College, Diploma College etc?

Are you an active student of any educational Institute?

If yes, then this is a GOLDEN OPPURTUNITY……..

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Vocational support trainings by IIT graduates having work experience in companies like IBM, Oracle etc. who have traveled around the globe with IT jobs.

Courses like: -

·        How to build an effective CV.

·        What do IT companies look for in a candidate – Effective interview skills.

·        Software Development Life Cycle – Concepts.

·        Current leading edge technologies’ training.

·        Presentation skills.

·        Career Counseling.

·        Custom courses as per your needs.

·        And much more….

Increase your students’ chances of getting through job interviews by more than 50%.... The time to action is NOW…

For details and appointments contact:

The journey of a thousand mile starts with a single RIGHT step

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Monday, December 12, 2005

Rajnikanth - Unbelievable (Impossible but Hilarious) Stunts!!!

Indiatimes has this nice write up summarizing the Baba's stunts till date. Each one is better (more hilarious) than the other.
Anyway, its the superstar's 56th birthday... so guys, wish the only Indian who defied Newton countless times in his film career.
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Monday, December 05, 2005

Pros, you can have only one: either job or sex!

Economic Times has a nice article discussing the sex life of married professionals. It seems like the working couples get aroused more by their work rather than with each other.
So, may be you have a SEXY JOB... but not Job and Sex!!!. Check it out.
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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Varanasi - An Excellent Video

Animesh's Blog took me to an excellent video on Varanasi. The video expresses so much shock and surprise of the author; but for me the things shown on the video were a pretty normal daily affair foe me wen I was there for 4 years of my study life in Varanasi.
As Animesh also pointed out, the author should have thrown some light on the wonderful sweets you get in Varanasi (specially launglata.... YUMMY....)

Friday, November 11, 2005

Heated Eco-Friendly Bras!!!

Animesh's blog linked to me page which shows a really interesting story.
According to this story at the BBC, Triumph has announced a bra with in-built gel pads that can be easily heated in a microwave or a hot water bottle.
People say this will reduce air conditioning costs, thus saving the environment.

Excerpts from the article:
The fluffy creation contains special pads filled with an eco-friendly gel that can be easily heated in a microwave or with a hot water bottle.

Being padded, the new bra packs a little more bulk than most regular designs, but the Japanese arm of Triumph insisted the look was more chic than sheep.

The drive to reduce air-conditioning use and thus greenhouse gas emissions was estimated to have saved enough power to supply 240,000 homes for a month.

Looks like this product is going to make all the HOT girls cool ;)....

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Rice and Curry Girl

Animesh's blog points out a very hilarious comedy clip. It looks like a tribute to all the Indian guys who are tiered of pleasing their parents to get a girl which they like!!!!
A must watch I must say :)

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Bangalored !!

My friend Parul sent me this interesting link for the new word - "Bangalored !!

Did u know ?

"Bangalored" is a verb which recently got added in the dictionary. A person is said to be bangalored if he lost his job because the work got outsourced to bangalore or any other city in India.
"He got bangalored last week" is an example of its usage.
U can also type this word "bangalored" in google search n see.(See the link below)
Lot of people in US got bangalored that it became an issue during the US presidential election. Thats exactly when this word was coined.
One such similar verb is "shanghaied" which means kidnapped.
Follow the link for more information

Now, I don't know, whether to be happy about it or sad?????